Transformation Of IBM WMB to IBM IBUS

Still looking IBM WMB ? Is this brand still alive ? Why people are still searching for IBM WMB ? What we are missing with WMB re-branding ?

What is IBM WMB ?

IBM WebSphere Message Broker provides connectivity for both standards based and non-standards based applications and services. The routing can be simple point-to-point routing or it can be based on matching the content of the message to business rules defined to the broker.

Why IBM WMB transformed to IBM IBUS ?

IBM WMB product branded as MQSeries Integrator at first, later WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker, after upgrading to version 6.1, it was rebranded as WebSphere Message Broker, IBM WMB is announced in October 2009. After series of updates and upgrades IBM in  April 2013, announced that the WebSphere Message Broker product was undergoing another rebranding name change. And was named IBM Integration Bus on 10th May 24, 2014

Why IBM WMB transformed to IBM IBUS?

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IBM Integration Bus  is the new name for WebSphere Message Broker and except for naming changes of the components which are documented here the architecture is the same. So the installation and configuration process is still the same and the development process is also the same. But as with any new major release  We will have new functionality included, IBM Integration Bus simply called as IBM IBUS or IIB includes all the extra facilities an enterprise application might need for things like, controlling transactions (including 2 phase commit), scaling, monitoring, workload management, high availability etc.

There is no more IBM WMB, it is now referred as IBM IBUS, there is lot of transformation in aspects of functionality and the current version is IBM IBUS V10, So one needs to get updated from IBM WMB to IBM IBUS to survive in this technology.
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