IBM WebSphere Message Broker Overview

IBM WebSphere Message Broker Overview

IBM WebSphere Message Broker is used for the implementation purpose of application integration architecture because this provides a mechanism for transforming, routing and connection of business data with a different number of ways of transportation without changing the applications while they are generating the data.

IBM WebSphere Message Broker enhances the flow and distribution of information by enabling the transformation and intelligent routing of messages without the need to change either the applications that are generating the messages or the applications that are consuming them. In WebSphere Message Broker, connectivity is provided by applications that communicate by sending and receiving messages.

Key Capabilities of IBM WebSphere Message Broker for Business Integration: 
  • Across and between multiple diverse systems and applications, any type of information is distributed and also includes delivery of right information in right format and at the correct time.
  • The numbers of point-to-point interconnections are reduced at most. Application Programming is simplified by removal of integration logic from applications.
  • In real time, based up on topic and content to any end point using a powerful subscription message engine, the information is routed.
  • Validates and transforms messages in-flight between any combination of different message formats, including Web Services, and other XML and non-XML formats.
  • Based on business rules, messages are routed to match the content information and the business processes.
  • Improves business agility by dynamically reconfiguring information distribution patterns without reprogramming end-point applications.
  • Access control to securely deliver personalized information to the right place at the right time

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