Message Domains, Message Formats, Message Sets

IBM WebSphere Message Broker Online Training
Message Domain

One of the primary functionality of WebSphere MB is that it exchanges information with heterogeneous enterprises. So how WebSphere MB handles it is very critical. You can create a wide variety of message formats so as to be understood by IBM WebSphere Message Broker message flows.

Message Formats

The broker can parse an incoming message bit stream and convert it into a logical message tree for manipulation by a message flow, only if When the message format is known. After the message has been processed by the message flow, the broker will convert the message tree back into a message bit stream.

Message Set

A message set is a container for grouping messages and associated message resources. It supports various domains such as MRM, XMLNSC, BLOB etc. And each message domain would support various message formats (XML Wire Format, Custom Wire Format, Tagged /Delimited Wire Format).
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